Propelo d.o.o.

Propelo is a company with a long and lasting tradition in propeller manufacturing and repairing in this region of Croatia. Modern technology, high-quality equipment and highly educated team of experts are the basis of our business.

Propeller and shaft lines manufacturing as well as propeller mantenance and repair are the two primary services we offer in our company. Our long-standing experience is a guarantee we can help you deal with any sort of project in this or other similar industries.

You can contact us with utmost trust. The rest is up to us!

  • Propeller manufacturing

    Propeller manufacturing is the primary service we offer.

    If you require a completely new propeller for your boat or you wish to replace to replace the one you have, we can help you by manufacturing a custom-made propeller.

    Regardless of the size, number of blades or the purpose of your boat - our team can help you.

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  • Propeller repair

    We offer everything from straightening and welding to control measurements and balancing.

    We shall restore some much deserved shape and shine to your damaged propeller!

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  • MRI and balancing

    Precision of our equipment coupled with high expertise of our team are the best guarantee for top quality products regardless of your needs.

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  • Croatian Register of Shipping

    Propelo d.o.o. is recognized by Croatian Register of Shipping for propeller manufacturing and repairing.