Propeller, Shaft and Shaft Line Manufacturing

Assumptions of optimal propeller depend largely on three factors:

  1. Hydrodynamic efficiency to gain the maximum thrust
  2. Structural force to resist vibration
  3. Compatibility of all its characteristics, ship's hull, engine as well as the purpose for which one intends to use the ship for

Bearing in mind there are no two ships exactly alike thus, by extension, there are no two identical propellers either. Because of this simple fact, and in order to produce the best possible product as well as achieve maximum efficiency and the perfect balance between the propeller on one side, and the ship, engine and the hook on the other, we try to approach each and every client individually.

During the actual process of propeller manufacturing we use the MRI technology which transfers the 3D information on the computer very accurately. The MRI measures all relative propeller parameters. It also compares one propeller to another or it compares two propellers of the same rotation allowing them to be synchronized.*

The MRI also gives a detailed computer report containing real and graphic details of each propeller blade as well as the middle pitch of the propeller.


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