Computer aided propeller balancing

Computer balancing is a process which analyzes the configuration of each blade in comparison to all other blades.

Propeller can be in a perfect static balance, and still be out of balance when rotating at high velocity.

A great propeller which is out of balance will cause vibrations, decrease the bearing longevity, and decrease the propeller performance.

Because of these undesirable effects the only scientific way to obtain the precise measurement and correction of dynamic balance is by using the real analyzer of dynamic balance in more than one level.

Why do we use MRI technology?

MRI provides precise data in order to conduct a thorough and precise propeller repair

Utilizing MRI while conducting a repair, provides a rather detailed report about the condition of the propeller, which gives us (manufacturers) as well as the actual owners, a very clear picture of the propeller's condition before and after repair.

By using MRI technology we are able to deal with:

  • vibrations
  • cavitation
  • engine overload or underload
  • unsynchronized propellers
  • poor propeller performance


New propellers

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Propeller Repair

Damaged propeller

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