Propeller Maintenance and Repair

We offer:

  • propeller repair
  • propeller pitch adjustments
  • dynamic and static propeller balancing
  • maintenance of aluminum and stainless steel propellers for external engines
  • rudder maintenance
  • maintenance of shaft carrier
  • maintenance of shaft lines

Regarding propeller repairs we offer:

  • propeller repair
  • cleaning and checking
  • static balancing
  • dynamic balancing
  • MRI measuring

Propeller repairs are done by advanced 3D technology. MRI measuring and scanning instrument is the most complex and versatile three-dimensional computerized device for propeller measuring one can find on the market. MRI device does a very detailed propeller analysis. The software itself has a tool for multiple data analysis and each and every data has only one aim - precise propeller repair.

Analysis of the blade segment is available in both numeric and graphic format and it is also possible to conduct a comparison with the manufacturer too. Propeller manufacturing and repairing using MRI technology allows for the propeller repair to the same configuration anywhere in the world.

MRI is set according to prescribed standards.

By using MRI technology we are able to achieve:

  1. increased velocity
  2. improved performance
  3. vibration removal
  4. dual engine adjustment


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